About The Nerdsmen

Whether you’ve come here because you’re a fan of the site or, and this is considerably more likely, you’re the victim of a Google search gone horribly awry, I am both humbled and surprised that you’re here. So let’s begin with what I can only imagine are the questions you have for me.


Hey there, sexy.

Who are The Nerdsmen?

Right now, The Nerdsmen consists of… well, me. It’s more like The Nerdsman, to be honest. But in time, I’d like to develop this site to be a community of enthusiastic nerdsfolk who enjoy all things at the nexus of sci and fi.

Ok, but why call yourself The Nerdsmen? Aren’t there like, a thousand better names you could have called yourself?

The long answer is that The Nerdsmen is a derivative of the word “huntsmen”, who in my mind represent a group of elite and passionate hunters that enjoy the taste of high-society and class. Hopefully, The Nerdsmen can become a group of elite nerds, all very passionate about nerd culture, science, and technology while remaining classy and sophisticated.

Short answer: Domain names are expensive and hard to come by. Nerdsmen was the best in a long list of potential names I could afford.

Why start a nerd website? Aren’t there already too many of those?

Yeah, there’s quite a few nerd-centric sites out there, with some that are better than mine. I have hope that The Nerdsmen will continue to grow and expand to become one of the better nerd sites on the internet, and I can say definitively that it’s not the worst. Hell, I don’t even think it’s the worst with the name “Nerdsmen”.

You’re kidding, there’s other Nerdsmen sites out there?

Yeah, I know. Didn’t know about that until after I got the domain, because I figured “no way anyone else has this or else they would have scooped up Nerdsmen.com!”

No, there’s other Nerdsmen out there. Don’t be fooled. While I believe mine to be the best of them (I may be a little biased, however) the others have their merits. Probably. I don’t know, I haven’t really looked.

Why are you telling me about other Nerdsmen sites?

No one said I was a smart marketer.

That’s certainly an understatement.

Ok, I believe we may have sidetracked here.

What’s planned for the future of The Nerdsmen?

I want to expand The Nerdsmen with a YouTube channel (coming eventually) filled with new content, a podcast on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis (for now), and a store with cool Nerdsmen merch like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs… it’ll be sweet.

So, you want to make money?

Who doesn’t? But truthfully, yes. But it’s what I want to do with that money that’s different. Yes, I want to cover the costs of running this site, but I’m also looking to set up things like gaming tournaments, marches, and charity events to donate to causes, like those that support STEAM programs for both elementary and high school students, or ones that support the general health and well being of people worldwide.

How can I help?

Right now, nothing more than just continue to visit The Nerdsmen. When the time comes, feel free to buy shirts, hoodies, mugs, what have you. Listen to the podcast, watch the videos, and if all comes together, donate!