This YouTube channel is criminally underrated

I spend a majority of my day online, much to the dismay of my bosses, my patients, and my coworkers. Often, I’m perusing Amazon for tech gadgets I don’t need and can’t afford (it’s totally Prime Day today, by the way, so get shopping!) or I’m reading up on science and nerd life news, checking out reviews of new movies and video games, or browsing YouTube for some prime lunchtime viewing.

It was in doing the latter of these that I came across this video…

DUST is a YouTube channel that features tons of these incredibly well-produced, thought-provoking sci-fi short films that rival even some of the best scenes from big budget sci-fi features. And if science fiction provides the inspiration for science fact, then this channel is loaded with potential sci-phile dream fuel.

If you’re looking for bite-sized, lunch break sci-fi, look no further. Check them out here, and be sure to subscribe while you’re at it.


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