I got into an argument with a Flat-Earther, and it was hilarious

What shape is the Earth? Surprisingly, it’s a hugely divisive topic at the moment, despite thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon fucking thousands of scientifically-backed, repeatable, mathematically accurate articles and papers published on the internet, libraries, and universities that have these things called sources attached to describe where the information was obtained.

Flat-Earthers, on the other hand, have memes. Memes and YouTube videos, with barely a source in sight other than anecdotal, non-repeatable speculation.

Screenshot (34).png

Miles and miles of bullshit

It’s just a weird thing right now. Because what I’ve seen from online forums, posts by Flat-Earthers spraying their stupid all over NASA and science-related posts on Facebook, and general conversations with people who deliver pizza for a living yet think Bill Nye is “just a mechanical engineer, so he knows nothing about science”, is that when presented with a counter-argument, or reasons why their argument is complete bullshit, no matter how gentle or persuasive the counter-argument is presented, Flat-Earthers throw their defenses up, claim it’s a conspiracy by NASA trying to… do… something… nefarious… probably.

Then it happened. It happened to me.


This was exciting. He followed me over from a comment on a post where I noted that he, like almost every Flat-Earther, is a troll. While this wasn’t the first time I’ve debated with Flat-Earthers online, it was the first time one of them sought me out to argue with me. “A challenge,” I thought to myself, “Finally.”

Well.. Here’s how the rest of that went down.




Maybe it wasn’t a landmark win, but maybe I’ve found a way to disarm them. Let them try. Let them post all the bogus, bullshit, easily refutable, illogical arguments they want, while each one contradicts the last. Sure, if he comes back with some evidence, that’ll be a surprise since most Flat-Earthers have memes and delusional YouTube videos and nothing else. They use anecdotal evidence that is easily explained away, shielded by a nigh-impenetrable barrier of denial and unwillingness to accept fact. They use “Well, look at this picture from some holistic medicine website with no citation. It clearly proves the Earth is flat. But don’t trust NASA’s pictures. Those are obviously photoshopped.”

Evidence of a spherical Earth is everywhere, and you don’t even have to try hard for the universe to slap you in the face with that fact. I mean, the internet is teeming with evidence, like this and this and this and this and this and this and this, some of which have DIY experiments you can run to prove that the Earth is a sphere. Since Flat-Earthers love YouTube, science communicator and overall awesome guy Michael from VSauce gives plenty of examples of why the theory– err, hypothesis— of a flat Earth is complete and utter sloppy pig doo.

Hell, he even argues a few Flat-Earther points, then tosses them aside to the fiery pits of stupid from whence they came.

I mean, the question I ask is that, without getting sized for a tinfoil hat, what possible benefit would NASA get from keeping “the truth” about a flat earth hidden from people? Whether the Earth is a ball or a disc, we are still a group of violent, panicky apes that have to live with each other and try not to nuke each other into oblivion. It’s like they forget that scientists proved the Earth was a sphere thousands of years before NASA was a thing. So really, why would the ancient Greeks lie?

So maybe we need to let them run their stupid little mouths. Maybe we need to let them argue whatever they want, simply pointing out fallacies in their thinking and the glaring inconsistencies with their hypotheses. Maybe when they realize they don’t have any answers, just memes and delusions, maybe they’ll finally be open to understanding the painfully, stupidly simple fact that the Earth is a great big ball of awesome in a sea of wibbly wobbly awesome stuff called the universe.

By the way, it’s been over an hour and I’ve gotten nothing. He’s been active on other threads posting memes.

I’ll let you know when– if– I hear anything back.

UPDATE: Hours later, he finally responded back.

He also went through my profile, found any public posts, and started posting the same bullshit video over and over and over and over again.

Again, Flat-Earthers fail a basic part of scientific discussion: have evidence.

Blocked and reported for harrassment.


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