Why do I want to preorder Destiny 2?


Although I’ve been playing more of it lately, perhaps no other game in my collection of downloaded games on Xbox One had collected more digital dust than Bungie’s 2014 kinda-MMO/FPS/RPG thing, Destiny. It’s not that the game was terrible, per se, it’s more that it got boring very, very quickly.

Then “The Dark Below” expansion pack came out, and it was fun again, if only for about a week or so.

Then “The Taken King” expansion came out and that brought with it at least a month of fun followed by another month of mindless grinding for gear.

That was it. That was my entire experience with Destiny.

Let it be known that I had fun while playing it and even now, jumping back into it, I’m still having a bit of fun. But the game-killing problem that I have with it is the damn grind. I am forever playing the same four strikes, the same few maps in the Crucible, the same solo missions (because I know so few people with an Xbox and I’m too antisocial to join random people) just to get countless “uncommon” engrams (Uncommon, my ass), maybe one or two “rare” engrams, and maybe an upgrade or two. It wasn’t until yesterday that I even realized, only by seeing that it was a cardboard-looking mask available for my player, that the game actually has legendary and exotic engrams as well.

Needless to say, my time with Destiny has been fairly boring. So why do I feel an urge to plonk the cash down for a pre-order of Destiny 2?

I think it’s because while I dislike many aspects about the game, I do enjoy the universe it has established. It’s part Skyrim, part Halo, part World of Warcraft. Grimoire cards have done well to establish lore that really develops the characters and species. I no longer feel that I am an ineffective thing randomly killing baddies that for all intents and purposes barely know the Guardians exist. I see the Guardians now as another faction, and one that the other factions (the Cabal, the Fallen, the Vex, etc.) all fear the most. Guardians simply cannot die. Reading some of this in the cards gave me a whole new respect for my enemies every time I died and respawned.

But beyond that, I feel like my desire for Destiny 2 comes from the fact that while I was pretty disappointed with Destiny overall, I still have that nagging hope that it will fulfill the dream I had when the original launched. I feel like the storytelling will get better, maybe a few more people I know will hop on from time to time, and I can develop my Guardian even further.

But I know full well that I’m going to put it back down the moment I spend three weeks playing the same goddamned strike, defeating the same goddamned enemies, getting the same goddamned engrams only to get some new weapon that does 250 damage instead of 249, or some piece of armor that offers 281 defense rather than 280.

Your thoughts, fellow Nerdsmen. Pre-order? Forget about it? Buy it when Xbox inevitably puts the bundle on some crazy sale? Let me know in the comments below.


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